At Manic Designs we have many years of experiance from running our own manufacturing facilities, producting goods via hand, machine, laser, injection molding and other methods. We have experianced many falures and successes in each of those arenas. But what was true when we started is still true today. The main goal behind Manic Designs is linked in the name itself.

The term manic is an adjective that gives an attribute to the term designs. in our case manic which means to be enthralled with, excited, or engaged with all mental capacity of the action of designing. We have takin it to be our mission to learn and use all that we can about design. We gives fuel to our underlining goal

“To design some aspect of human existence that will forever bear our mark unto the future of mankind. Our singular goal is to create for the benefit of all by the use of design to influence our daily lives. To create not simply for creation sake, but rather to improve our future and those who come after us. This creation will influence others to think, learn and in turn create.”

– James Kathrein Jr, Inventor, Designer, Thinker

We are here to also to offer our services, whether in teaching, guiding or creating, to take your idea or concept and turn it into reality.

So Contact Us today and begin the journey of creation.